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Welcome to Azure Cave Suites, a unique Cappadocia cave hotel with amazing view and contemporary concept. Combines comfort, luxury and top level service in the heart of Cappadocia
Zerrin - Ferhat - Sarp - Zeus :)
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This truly unique cave home belonged once to a routed family in Cappadocia. To remain this authentic atmosphere of a family home all of our cave rooms have gone through a careful restoration. All 14 rooms are orginal caves but different in shape, design and size. With its magical atmosphere the accommodations recall the charm of past times in harmony with the colours of nature.The right combination of original and modern style gives Azure its unique flair.

Each room has a story about its past habitants to tell. Some rooms used to be the cottage or the storage of the family home, some the living room or the kitchen. So Please come along and choose your favourite spot at Azure….
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Organic Breakfast ☕️

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With its rich culture and regional diversity the Turkish cuisine can be an experience in itself. Be our guest and let us take you to a journey of delicious flavors in which you will have the change to taste the traditional corn bread and butter from the black Sea Region, the olives from the Aegean cost, the famous “Ezine Cheese” from the Trace Region the “pastirma” bacon from Anatolia and the “tulum cheese’ from south-Eastern Turkey and many many more….

All these delicious bits of culture are purchased from the locals of each region to guarantee high quality products from organic farming and also to support the small businessmen. A rich and colorful breakfast will be just the right thing you need to go out and discover Cappadocia to the fullest.

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* Azure is located right in the middle of the Goreme National Park and close to most of the historical sights''
* Azure has one of the most beautiful sunset views in the region.
* However if you are seeking for a quite, peaceful and romantic place to enjoy yourself, the landscape and the magic of Cappadocia, then dont look any further....
* If you want to wake up to the sound of the balloons than this is the right place. Almost every morning all balloons fly just in from of your room. Dont miss that...
* Azure is on top of one of the Highes Hills of Cappadocia, overlooking an amazing Landscape, including the Castle of Cavusin.
* A complimentary Cake and Beverage Bar is available for you all day around on our terrace.
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Azure Cave Suites - Cappadocia
2. Mevkii No:162 - 50800 - Cavusin - Cappadocia - TURKEY
0090 384 5327111 Fax: 0090 384 532 7211