Azure Cave Suites
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How to get to Azure Cave Suites - by Flight

Kayseri Airport:
Kayseri Airport is approximately 70 km to Cavusin, which is approximately a 1 hour drive.

Daily flights from Istanbul Ataturk Airport (IST) to Kayseri Erkilet Airport (ASR) are provided by the following Airlines;

Turkish Airlines (
AtlasJet Airlines (
Pegasus Airlines (
Additionally, Sun Express provides flights from Izmir and Antalya during the summer season.

Nevsehir Airport:
There are also daily flights from Istanbul to Nevsehir Cappadocia Airport with Turkish Airlines. Nevsehir airport is about 40 kilometers from Cavusin, which is about 30 minutes drive.

Airport Shuttle:
There are airline shuttle services for both airports but it needs to be booked in advance. If you provide us your flight details, we may help you in booking your airport transfer. For price and more details please check our Services.

How to get to Azure Cave Suites - by Car

If you have a car or rented one, you may also enjoy the lanscape along the way.
We recommend to drive via following cities:
Istanbul to Cavusin: Istanbul, Bolu, Eskisehir, Ankara, Aksaray, Nevsehir, Uchisar, Goreme, Cavusin
Ankara to Cavusin: Ankara, Aksaray, Nevsehir, Uchisar, Goreme, Cavusin
Izmir to Cavusin: Izmir, Usak, Afyon, Konya, Aksaray, Nevsehir, Uchisar, Goreme, Cavusin
Antalya to Cavusin: Antalya, Akseki, Konya, Aksaray, Nevsehir, Uchisar, Goreme, Cavusin
How to get to Azure Cave Suites - by Bus

There are buses from all major cities of Turkey to Goreme, Avanos or Nevsehir. We recommend to purchase the ticket to Avanos or Goreme Town as the Nevsehır Terminal is 20km away from Cappadocia and most bus companies don't provide free transfers to Cappadocia region.

We offer free transfer from Goreme and Avanos Termal to our Hotel - which is only 5 minutes away. Please let us know when you make your booking or give us a call when you arrive at Goreme or Avanos Terminal from the information office.
The hotel's phone number is +90 384 532 7111

Located in the Goreme National Park and just outside of Goreme Town, Cavusin village has become the optimal location to discover the region during the day yet have the chance to get away from the hectic and touristy crowd of the area.

Azure Cave Suites is cave home on one of the highest hills of Cappadocia overlooking the beautiful landscape of Cavusin Castle, Ushisar, Goreme and Avanos.

Cavusin - Istanbul    : 740 km
Cavusin - Ankara    : 290 km
Cavusin - Izmir    : 780 km
Cavusin - Antalya    : 550 km
Cavusin - Konya    : 240 km
Cavusin - Pamukkale    : 540 km
Cavusin - Kayseri    : 70 km
Cavusin - Nevsehir    : 12 km
Cavusin - Urgup    : 10 km
Cavusin - Avanos    : 5 km
Cavusin - Uchisar    : 4 km
Cavusin - Göreme    : 2 km

   Azure Cave Suites
   2. Küme Mevkii No:162 - 50800 - Cavusin - Cappadocia - TURKEY
   +90 384 532 7111
   +90 384 532 7211
2. Küme Mevkii No:162 - 50800 - Cavusin - Cappadocia - TURKEY
PHONE: +90 384 532 7111
FAX: +90 384 532 7211
Azure Cave Suites